Contest #3 Rankings

Here are the rankings for participants in the MERLIN’S NIGHTMARE Promotion Contest!


1Breanna Hidden
2Rebekah GygerHidden
4Deborah O'CarrollHidden
5Benjamin DillonHidden
6Stephanie TullisHidden
7Jennette MbeweHidden
8Hannah TroupeHidden
9Robert Treskillard - TestingHidden

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If you are logged in, you should be able to view your own points next to your name, as well as click on your name to view your point activity details. If you experience any trouble with this, please contact the author.

Note that rankings reflect ties so that if two contestants have the same number of points, they will have the same rank. Keep in mind, however, that the final winners of the contest will always be ranked with no ties allowed. Ties will be broken by either raising the rank of the contestant with the highest quality entries, as judged by the author, or by random selection if entries are of similar quality.

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