3D Video Game

Yes! A 3D video-game is being created for Merlin’s Blade! Now, this is not a fighting type of game, but rather for exploration of the wider-map around the village of Bosventor, which should give you an awesome understanding of the novel.

Here are some screen-shots to wet your appetite!

Path to the fortress - 3D Merlin's Blade Game
The path to the fortress of Dinas Bosventor

Inside the fortress - 3D Merlin's Blade Game
Inside the fortress of Dinas Bosventor

View from the tower top - 3D Merlin's Blade Game
The view from the top of the tower inside the fortress

The Fowaven River - 3D Merlin's Blade Game
The Fowaven River northeast of Bosventor

24 thoughts on “3D Video Game

  1. Brianna,

    Very good question!

    It is more of a “explore the map” game than a real video game per se but it should be lots of fun.

    I’ve been greatly slowed down on finishing it, however, because my son got married and moved to another city to finish school. I might be able to finish it on my own, but will need to find the time.

    Sorry about the delay! I’ll definitely make a big announcement when I make it available.


  2. Brianna,

    For a phase 1, the game will be downloadable to your PC or Mac and will not have any way to communicate with other players. As well, there won’t be any “people” populating the game. You will explore the map and all the places in the book, but that is it.

    My goal, however, is to have music and sound effects in place to give you an eerie, ghost-like effect as you enter and pass through places.

    For instance, when you visit Tregeagle’s crennig, you just might hear Natalenya singing in the background and playing her harp!

    It’s a lot of work to put even this much together, but it would be fun to have a phase 2 and enhance it to multi-player, for instance, and maybe even give you quests to accomplish.


  3. This game looks similar to Mount & Blade. Would you be able to create your own character and features in the second phase in order to do multi? That would be super cool. I love the idea of seeing Merlin’s world in your perspective.

  4. Sorry to take so long to get back with you, Seth and Aimee! The game is currently stopped in development mode because my son (who was helping me) went to college, got married, and now has a son of his own … and thus is too busy to help. I am still hopeful that I’ll be able to finish it, though. Maybe next year I can make some progress on it after ARTHUR’S BLADE is out. No promises, but at least there is some hope! It would be so fun…

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