Secret Codes For Unlocking Free Content!

Sample Ogham In Merlin's BladeIf you don’t already know, at the beginning of every chapter in Merlin’s Blade is a secret code that wraps around the chapter number. If you translate the code and enter it as a password on the following pages, you can unlock FREE content—such as missing chapters and the historical background to the novel.

STEP 1: To see the free content, you must be a MEMBER of King Arthur’s Feasting Hall. To become a member, please register by clicking here.

If you’re already a member, make sure you login before continuing.

(Note: If you happen to have purchased the e-book version of Merlin’s Blade, the “secret code” graphics were probably not included in your edition. Never fear … I’ve made them available to you by clicking here.)

STEP 2: Translate the secret messages. Each message is encoded using Robert Treskillard’s version of Ogham, which is an ancient “tally-mark” language carved on standing stones in ancient Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, and Ireland.

The reason that the standard Ogham has been extended is because it did not include all letters from English, nor did it have any punctuation. Here is the special key that you will need to translate the secret codes in Merlin’s Blade:

STEP 3: Enter the codes in the following web pages to unlock your free content!

(Note that I only have the first ten chapters worth of free content available at this time. And though I do hope to add more content sometime, I’m too busy writing the next book in the series at the moment!)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

6 thoughts on “Secret Codes For Unlocking Free Content!

  1. I spent a couple hours working out the translation myself… then I reached the last chapter of Merlin’s Blade and realized this site existed. Oh well, at least I had fun translating!

  2. Ceilidh … good for you finding this site! The publisher forgot to include the link in book 1, although they did get into books 2 and 3.

    I’m sure you’ll find my translation key helpful since I had to invent a few ogham symbols to handle English letters that didn’t exist in the original.

    And welcome to the website!


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