The Feasting Hall Is Still Under Construction

The village workmen are still putting the finishing touches on King Arthur’s feasting hall forum, and once its ready you’ll be able to go there to visit with all the other inhabitants.

Until then, check back often!

12 thoughts on “The Feasting Hall Is Still Under Construction

  1. Sorry for my tardy response, Lightning and Seth! The feasting hall’s construction has been delayed, but I will definitely open it up to coincide with the release of ARTHUR’S BLADE next year … hopefully early in the year. Thanks for your interest! 🙂

    • Book 1 of The Pendragon Spiral is 3/4 done … And since the last part tends to be the most exciting part, it also often gets written faster than the previous parts! 🙂

  2. So when the feasting hall is finished, will you be able to walk around in it like the 3D game? Can you type a message to others
    that are visiting the hall? Will there be more books after Arthur’s
    Blade? Is it fun writing books, how long do you think it takes?

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