Free Stuff

Desktop Wallpaper

Here is a Merlin’s Blade wallpaper that you can use as your desktop’s background. Simply save it to your computer and then right-mouse click to bring up a menu and then click “Set as Desktop Background”.

Discussion Questions

And here is a link to a set of Discussion Questions for Merlin’s Blade that can be used for book clubs or just for your own enrichment:

Discussion Questions for Merlin’s Blade

Maps of The Merlin Spiral

Click on a book cover to view its maps.

The Maps of Merlin's Blade The Maps of Merlin's Shadow The Maps of Merlin's Nightmare

Coming Up Soon!

Keep a lookout for some mobile-friendly graphics as well as some free images that you can use to print your own bookmarks! Also, you’ll soon see images and descriptions of some of the major characters in Merlin’s Blade!

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