Contest #2: Merlin’s Shadow!


Hello from Robert Treskillard, the author of MERLIN’S SHADOW, book 2 of The Merlin Spiral.

Welcome to the contest for book #2! There are some awesome prizes below, so make sure you read to the bottom! The one with the most points wins, and those points also count toward THE GRAND PRIZE.

But … keep in mind that even though the contest for promoting book #1 is officially over, YOU MAY STILL SUBMIT POINTS in that contest in addition to this one up to the level of 13,600 points, which is the highest level achieved at the end of the contest. This will allow you to earn points toward THE GRAND PRIZE OF YOUR VERY OWN EXCALIBUR! So don’t stop! You can do it!

(Also, remember to check your ranking by CLICKING HERE!)

One interesting thing is that I will probably open Contest #3 while Contest #2 is still finishing up. This is my fault for getting the contest going late, but I think it will be exciting to have them both going at the same time for a few weeks.

And remember … the GRAND PRIZE for the highest total points for all three contests will be … (drum roll, please) …


  • YOUR VERY OWN EXCALIBUR with a hilt and scabbard hand-made by the author!

This prize is worth well over $1000 if you were to purchase a blade and scabbard of this quality from a craftsman, so this is a HUGE, AMAZING opportunity!

Note that the blade to be given will have a dull, theatrical style edge … the one that I made for the book trailer and book cover is *very* sharp, and I don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Also, if any contestant lives near St. Louis, Missouri, they will have the opportunity of coming out to see me pour the bronze hilt in the spring of 2014!

So, now that you know the GRAND PRIZE, what are the prizes for the individual contests?

First Place:

Your choice of either:


  • A Merlin Spiral T-Shirt designed by the author

Second Place:

Five Consolation Prizes:

  • A Merlin Spiral T-Shirt designed by the author

Earning Points

So how do you earn points? By helping to promote Merlin’s Shadow of course! Specifically, points can be earned for the following:

Promotional Activity Points Earned # of Times You Can
Earn These Points
Written Online Review 600 pts 6x
Name of Fan You Helped To Like The Facebook Page 200 pts 10x
Name of Fan You Helped To Join 200 pts 10x
All Oghams Translated 400 pts 1x
Posted Link To Either Book Trailer (#1 or #2) 200 pts 5x
Posted Link To 200 pts 5x
Posted Photo thanking a bookstore for carrying Merlin’s Shadow 400 pts 2x
Posted Photo thanking a librarian for shelving Merlin’s Shadow 400 pts 1x
Donation to a charity to prevent modern day slavery / human trafficking 2000 pts 1x
Video of you Drawing a Character 200 pts 3x
Video of you Drawing a Scene From Book 200 pts 3x
Video of Character Sculpture Inspired By Book 400 pts 2x
Video Reading Selection To Teens 400 pts 1x
Video Reading Selection At Similar Location 400 pts 1x
Video of Celtic Basket Making 400 pts 2x
Video of Drying Herbs 400 pts 1x
Video of Making Dye From Plants 400 pts 1x
Video of Smoking & Preserving Meat or Fish 400 pts 1x
Video of Tanning Leather 400 pts 2x
Video of Celtic Leatherwork 400 pts 1x
Video of Weaving Cloth 400 pts 1x
Video of Attempt To Play A Song On the Bagpipe 400 pts 1x
Video of Sourdough Breadmaking 600 pts 1x
Video of Celtic Wood Carving 600 pts 1x
Video of Celtic Pottery Making 800 pts 1x
Video of Playing Celtic Harp Song 1000 pts 1x
Video of Costume Inspired By Book 1000 pts 2x

Video Filming Instructions (*)

  1. At the end of the video, you need to hold up a copy of Merlin’s Shadow, talk a little bit about it and the contest, and then mention the website of
  2. ALSO … try to make the videos as fun as possible because the VERY BEST video in each category will receive an extra 400 points! Decisions will be made at the end of the contest comparing each video produced to the others in its category. This is a subjective judgment, and sometimes might be random in case more than one entry is of top quality Keep in mind that audio quality will be factored in.
  3. Note that all videos should be posted to either,, or both if you have time.

Submitting Points

Rules For submitting activities for points:

  1. You may only submit one activity per day. This means that you may not stack up entries near the end of the contest to “come from behind” in a surprise move, so plan carefully and use the days wisely. There are approximately 67 different activities, with 123 days in the contest. If you submit more than one per day, only the first one will be counted. Don’t do this as it will waste everyone’s time.
  2. You must be a registered member of this website. If you haven’t registered yet, make sure you do so by clicking here.
  3. All points will be tracked by the user id you are logged in with, so be careful who is logged in if multiple members of your family have membership here.
  4. The contest rules may change if absolutely needed due to unforeseen issues.
  5. If you think up an activity that fits Merlin’s Shadow and want to propose it to Robert for points, contact him here. If he thinks it’s a valid point-getter, he just may open it up to everyone.
  6. Some activities can take a long time, so you only need to show part of the process in the video.
  7. To see your ranking in the contest click HERE. Although point totals are not revealed for others, you can see your own points if you are logged in, as well as click your name to view all of your contest activities.
  8. Participants should not reveal their point totals publicly so as not to discourage others in the contest. Doing so may result in a penalty.
  9. IMPORTANT NOTE: When the second contest begins for book 2, these rules will change to allow latecomers to attempt to catch up and win the grand prize. This will amount to opening up the rules to allow them to promote book 1 separately from book 2 and earn points. No intermediary contest prizes will be given for such activity, however, but the points will count toward the grand prize. The number of back-entries each person will be allowed will be based on how late they joined the contest.
  10. THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES. However, if an international wins an intermediary competition, Robert Treskillard has the right to convert prizes to a cash prize in order to avoid exorbitant shipping costs. If an international wins the GRAND PRIZE of the author-made sword, they must be willing to pay the shipping costs from the United States to receive it.
  11. If you post anything online, you MUST provide a link to prove that you posted it. No points will be approved without A WEBSITE LINK. Also, if you used a different identity to post the review, explain that in the comments.
  12. If you win FIRST PLACE and are under 18, you must get your parent’s permission on which prize you choose.
  13. If you win FIRST PLACE in one contest, you will not be allowed to win FIRST PLACE in another contest. Your points still count toward the GRAND PRIZE, however, as well as lesser prizes.
  14. If you win SECOND PLACE in one contest, you will not be allowed to win SECOND place in another contest. Your points still count toward FIRST PLACE, a consolation prize or the GRAND PRIZE, however.
  15. All reviews are, of course, to be honest! You get just as many points for a critical review as for a glowing review. Authors can only get better when we hear the truth!
  16. Some of these activities *can* be dangerous, so if you are under 18, make sure you get your parents’ permission and involve them. By participating in this contest you agree that all risks are your own and that you will hold Robert Treskillard, his publisher, and his agent harmless.

To submit points, go to this web page!

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